Sunday, October 3, 2010

Bella's Birthday Post

...a few days late, but not forgotten!
Bella's birthday will never be a forgotten's probably my most memorable of births out of the 3, to say the least....14 hours of homebirthing, ugh.

But I sent her off to school in a mommy-made birthday shirt {I still can't believe she's six. SIX!}, the other kiddos and I took her a special lunch at school; I took goodie bags up to her school in place of cupcakes {since you can't take anything homemade to school AND because of the terrified look on her teachers face when I mentioned bringing store bought cupcakes, lol}; the weather was awesome that day, so I had planned on taking her to the park after school...but I'm lazy, so we nixed that idea and they played with chalk outside {courtesy of their awesome babysitter, Tirzah, who gave Bella 64 piece of chalk! so rad}. That night, we gave her a choice for her birthday dinner...and she chose 'the jungle' {Rainforest Cafe}. We didn't want a repeat of last year, so we made sure to get her a cake...a REAL cake!
I think she had a good least I hope never can tell with our Bella.

This next part, I 'stole' from my friend Jenny, she had the awesome idea of interviewing her son on his birthday. Kids give the cutest answers to questions, don't they?? {that's what we did for our Primary Program this year...the kids parts are answers to questions we asked...we got some off-the-wall responses!}

Bella's Answers:
What is your nickname? Bella
{said with a 'duh' expression on her face...
she finally figured out this year that her 'real' name is Isabella}
What is your favorite song? Twinkle, Twinkle
If you were a princess who would you be? Cinderella because she get to wear dresses and crowns and shoes {cause apparently, thats not allowed around here}
What will you be doing at age 21? Drawing pictures {which was what she was doing at the time...and didnt appreciate being pestered by momma}
What's the silliest thing you do? hop like a kangaroo {okie dokie}
What's the best thing about you? I can go to school.
{then she mumbled on about how she had been scared an needed her mommy, which made me smile a bit...cause she's decided she's uber-independent now that she goes to school}

Mommy's Answers:
What is Bella's nickname? Bella Ü, duh. That...and sweetie, baby girl {cause she will always be}
What is Bella's favorite song? Anything that she gets stuck in her head...lately she has been singing/humming I Know My Savior Loves Me, today she and Aubree were humming the "Confidence" song from Mary Poppins was the sweetest thing.
If Bella was a Princess who would she be? I think she could be any of the Disney Princess'....of course, she'd never have wicked step-mother, lol...but any of their attributes match up with Bella's sweet personality. But truly, she's my little princess {cause that would make me the Queen}, she's sweet and kind, quick to help, loves books and 'forest' animals {errr, geckos?}, she's got a little grumpy streak...but what little princess doesn't? Most of all, she's a Child of God....and that, it more valuable than any princess she could be!
What will Bella be doing at age 21?  I hope she is still drawing! But more than that, I hope she is happy and hope of hopes is that she will be preparing for a mission, to be a good example to her siblings. I hope I can raise her up to love the Gospel that much!
What is the silliest thing Bella does? Bella's loves to be silly....whether it's chasing Aube around the house playing freeze tag....or playing on the floor with Jax...she loves to get a chuckle.
What's the best thing about Bella? {Im sorry, but I totally have to steal this first part from Jenny, she totally hit the nail on the head!} The fact that Bella picked ME to be her mommy. I know she had a choice in Heaven...she knew the trials we would face, and she still picked me. What a wonderful thought, yes? And that's just the first on a uber-long list of the things that are 'best' about Bella. I couldn't ask for a sweeter oldest child. I know how my relationship has worked with my mother over the it has changed and developed, and I so look forward to go thru that with Bella, the tears, the hugs, the blessing of it all!


Jennifer said...

aww Sarah! You make me tear up all the time! You can just feel the love you have for your children and it is awesome :) I love the part about choosing You! I love that thought too! I'm glad she had a great bday!! :) Can't wait to see you guys sometime soon! Hopefully!! :)

Bell Family Blog said...

Love her shirt Sarah, so dang cute! You always make the cutest shirts, love em! Happy Happy Birthday to sweet Bella, Im sad we can't be there this year to celebrate it with her, give her a big hug from us :)

Anonymous said...

Bella to the sixth power!!

Lois Brown said...

REally love the shirt and loved the interview what a cute idea!!! I might do that with my 22 yr old next week for her birthday! You do amaze me!

Julie said...

Love her shirt!