Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Jaxson @ 6 months!

Time better just slow the heck down. Seriously, 6 months already? But really, I'm glad...I'm not a big fan of the baby stage...really...who is? Yeah, they are cuddly and cute and just LAY THERE...but they fuss and cry, don't sleep, poop all over everything. Bunches of fun. But I guess every stage has its good and bad points. Jax is now in the 'mobile' stage...and we are gonna be in trouuuuuble. Yes, sir-E.

First off, stats:
weighing in at 16.4 lbs
(2 months ago, he weighed 15.1lbs...yup, that's right, he's only gained one pound in 2 months, what the heck? Don't freak out...he's a skinny little tot, but the dr says he's healthy and strong, when they start to get mobile, they're weight gain isn't as substantial. The nurse went and freaked me out, tho...she had me bring him in to get him weighed a second time.)
measuring 26.57 inches
(1 inch longer than 2 months ago)
Both are in the 50th percentil.
His breathing was a little raspy, because we're all fighting colds around here.
But in general, its sounding a lot better than it used to!

Little dude is getting around quite well...we try and give him a "spot" (see the blanket behind him in this picture?) Yeah...he doesn't stay on his spot all that much. I think I may need a gate. Ü

And then, the other day...he flipped that back leg around...and learned himself how to sit. My oh my. He doesn't know quite what to do once he's in the sitting position, but we're learning!
Happy 6 months, Jax! ♥


Anonymous said...

He's such a happy kid. That's because he has a good momma. I know you love having a momma's boy!

Jenni said...

You can really see his personality in his face. How cute.

Jennifer said...

Jaxson is so cute!! :) I'm glad he's healthy!! And yes a gate will be needed haha.. ;) I'm not looking forward to that day!! (oh yeah we have that train that's in the 2nd picture - gets so annoying on a headache day haha)

Krista said...

Oh my goodness!! He is way mobile!! Mine still hates to be on his tummy so much that I wonder when he's going to do that stuff:) Wasn't it just yesterday that we were about to give birth??? It's unfair how quickly it goes.

Julie said...

Aw, it does go too fast! Ellie was the. most. fussy. baby. I was hoping 6 months would come. It did, and she grew out of it...problem is these past 6 have flown by even faster :(. But like you said there is good and bad to every stage. And I look forward to what's ahead. happy 6 months buddy! Ü

Simply Sarah *K* said...

Jen, I think I gave you that train. You're welcome. haha.

Janeane said...

Jax is SOOOO cute!!! I miss you guys SO much!!