Thursday, October 7, 2010

XTO Family Picnic 2010

Every year, James' company has 2 big events...the family picnic and the Christmas party. XTO has done a wonderful job...they go all out for these events. This year they were bought out by Exxon Mobile, so we were curious to see if they would actually have the picnic and party....but they didn't let us down! We were so happy to find out that they were having both!!

The Picnic this year was at the same place that they had it last year.....except that it wasn't raining this year, thank goodness! The weather was absolutely perfect, and blue skies all day!

The first thing we did when we got there was ride the elephant....since the lines were short. We all wanted to get on together {poor elephant} but the guy wouldn't let me on with Jaxson. So now we have a really cool picture....with some other random dude. Nice. Ü
I think this picture is hilarious for some reason....I don't know why. That elephant has a big ole butt! And if you can imagine in your mind...the big ole butt swaying side to side...and James' hips swaying side to side...its a funny picture!
The girls had a fun time, of course....the theme of the picnic was the Circus, so there were rides and games and bounce houses galore! I think my girls would bounce all day if I would let them, but of course, I'm a mean mommy and want them to do other eat.
While the girls played, jumped, bounced, etc....Daddy and the little dude played Bingo. XTO gives out some sweet $400 vacuums or $300 gift cards to Walmart and the movies. {Or one night stays at Great Wolf Lodge...sooo looking forward to next weekend!} James was 1 number away from winning a $2000 travel voucher. Now that would have been sweet. Sweeter than sweet.
The girls got their faces painted with Crowns. Aube was a little upset cause the lady put paint on her lips after she told her to {???} but that's Aube...even if she was doing exactly what she wanted to be doing, she would still find something to pout about, little stinker. But I guess we are one step in the right direction, since she wouldn't even let the lady paint her face last year!
They had caricature artists again this year I wanted to get Jax's done to complete my wall! But the guy we picked to draw did a horrible job. Just horrible! Bleh. Oh well...maybe next time {when I have to pay for it, stink}.
They had a few dinky carnival rides...the girls loved it.
They twirled and twirled in this one...James walks up and says "oh good, they'll like the teacup ride" ....since Disneyland is always on the brain nowadays! He even has a counter on his phone....68 days till Disneyland {of course for me...that's 72 days till I get to see my family!! yay!}
Jaxson wore a hat!! I found this soft little hat at the thrift store and put a monster applique over the "first pilot" logo, lol. I just get giddy over little boy things...after having 2 girls its so refreshing!
They had some Rangers baseball players there {or at least they had the jersey's on ;)}, signing autographs and helping the kids hit a ball or two.
We look forward to the picnic every year!! Hopefully Exxon will keep up the tradition, but who knows....if this was our last picnic, it was a good one!!


Anonymous said...

Aubree has a roller derby look in that face painting picture. I could see her doing that.

Cheree said...

That is so cool. Is James still enjoying his work there?

Simply Sarah *K* said...

I think so! lol...I'm sure he would be happier with a different boss...but no one is as awesome as you, Cheree! ;).

Lois Brown said...

How fun!