Friday, October 8, 2010

On my honor, I will try... not miss my kids {AND MY HUSBAND} too much this weekend.

I'm heading off this afternoon to a Girl Scout leadership retreat for two nights. Thought it would be fun....I get to miss work, have smores and sing around a campfire, get a full night's sleep without a baby crying....bliss. Now I wish I was staying home, missing work, starting up the fireplace....the baby crying I can do without...but I get sad when I leave my babies {AND MY HUSBAND}! It will be fun, and I should branch out and do stuff differently....I'm going there with the other leader of my troop, whom I know kinda well... I may actually have to try and make new friends {gasp}.
I meant to make some SWAPS to trade with other leaders, buuuuut I couldn't think of anything that said something about me or my group. I'm in a inspiration downspiral as of late. 

So wish me luck...I'm hoping I don't have to dig my own latrine. Eek.

I'll leave you with some cuteness to get you thru the weekend.
This is what we call a bandana bib..
 {I thought I had come up with something original, but nope...took a look at Etsy and there are some CUTE ones in there...with pearl snaps!! I need to find out how to do pearl snaps!}
It's a bib...that's a bandana....and its awesome. I can't help but giggle when I put it on him, its so cute. Don't worry...if you have baby boys...and I know are getting one for Christmas!
{yay! I know, you're welcome.}
I'm going to try and make some out of these REAL bandana's that I found at the thrift store for 49 cents.
Genius. {not an original genius, but still a genius}

Jax's favorite food as of right now: Bananas.
Next up: Green Beans. mmmmmm.



Jennifer said...

I bet you will miss your babies!! But you'll have fun :) And that is the cutest bib ever! haha.. You're really into skulls huh? ;) hehe. And I still think you are a genius!! ;)

Anonymous said...

Is your husband going with you? Or is it just too painful to mention that you're leaving him too?

Simply Sarah *K* said...

You're considered one of "my babies".

Simply Sarah *K* said...

There...I fixed it.

Anonymous said...

That's better.

Julie {CocoCocoa} said...

Hope you had a great time!
And do you have tutorial for the bandana bib??