Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Dude wants to crawl!!

Jax is a mover and a shaker...if you've held him, you know this! ♥
Lately he's learned to bounce when you hold him standing on your lap...bouncebouncebounce.
Dude needs a trampoline!
He's been getting up on his hands and knees...then bobbing back and forth, then mommy squeals in delight, which in turn distracts Jax and he face plants into the carpet. Whoops.
He's gonna be into everything before I know it! Toys are going to have to be taken up a level! Ü
On Sunday's we're trying hard to keep the TV off for some of the day {not quite going to make it to the WHOLE day}...so I told Bella and Aube to read to Jax...
...who then ended up with stickers all over his head.
{Kinda reminds me of a few years ago....it's amazing how much they've grown}


Krista said...

Holy cow!! Look at him!! Mine still cries after a few mintues on his tummy!! I love the stickers on his head. That is hilarious.

Jenny said...

What the WHAT???? He has super strength!!

(And that last picture---I've done that to jake before...)

Jenny said...

Oh wait, sorry, I thought that was a hair bow.