Thursday, October 21, 2010

Aube's Birthday Post

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The middle child really gets the raw end of the deal, don't they. I've been noticing that lately. Well...I've always been aware...being the oldest child...ya know.

I can't say that Aube's day was fantastic...she actually probably thought it was. But I didn't even get to make the poor girl a birthday shirt with all the moving-of-the-rooms-around and such. :(

We did get to have lunch with Daddy. AND we took her to the Cheese for dinner...dear goodness, they had fun. Kinda odd how our 'festivities' seem to revolve around food. But she did have a blast the weekend before her birthday at the Great Wolf Lodge (which I promise to blog about later!). But they both keep asking me when their party is going to be! Ack! Never again will I skip planning a party!!

Dear Aube...
I love you sososososososososo much. I love this time that we have together with you as 'oldest' while Bella is at school. You try my patience to no end, BUT you are are a great helper, you're hilarious and you love your little bro so much and help me with him!
I'm lucky to be your mommy!!

PS: Thank you Chillygator for your advice about photo storage!! It worked!


Janeane said...

Aube, I totally relate to being the middle child!! It stinks no matter which way you look at it! But you have a wonderful family who loves you, don't ever forget that!! I wish you lived just down the street so you could come and play at grandma's anytime you wanted!! I would absolutely love that!! Grandpa, Bubba, and Hannah would too!! I hope you had a great birthday!! Love, Grandma S

Jennifer said...

Middle child DOES suck! haha.. :) ANd i had to share it with Em! hehe.. well when John was born! Anyway... I'm glad she had fun though.. that's how cayden was after bowling.. zonked! You should blog about the room switching ;)

Anonymous said...

Yeah, the picture thing worked out great! Now I can't see videos OR pictures!

Krista said...

Sounds like an awesome birthday!! It doesn't sound like she got any less than Bella!! Lunch with daddy and a fun dinner equals great b-day for a four year old:) You are a great mama and I love that pic of her!!

Simply Sarah *K* said...

OH stink!! Well, you shouldnt be looking at my blog at work anyways...don't you have some cool phone that would let you do that???