Thursday, October 21, 2010

Goin' to the lodge, goin' to the lodge, Great. Wolf. Lodge.

We spent last weekend at the Great Wolf Lodge (they have this theme song....plays all over the hotel...uber-annoying, and one of those that just STICKS.WITH.YOU.) I must say...we totally won a night's stay there, we could never afford to stay at this hotel...
It was SO BUSY there...I couldn't believe it. And all these people PAID (well some may have gotten lucky like us) for a night, and some paid for two...geez louise. A two night stay at this hotel is equivalent to two plane tickets for me to go see my, you know what I would pick if the option ever came up ;)

I digress....
This was the view from our the summer months, the waterpark is outside too.
This place is ginormous.
The room we booked had a "Wolf Den"...which meant a little room with bunkbeds!
The girls were so happy! lol...
I don't know why bunkbeds have such a draw for kids....and then they scare the crap out of parents. We had visions of children falling from great heights just trying to go potty at night!
Can you get enough of this little dude? I submit that you cannot!
One of the many cool things going on that weekend was a trick or treat for the kiddos. They got to dress up and use their princess dresses that were collecting dust in the closet! 

So, we got to the hotel early on Friday, played, played, swam, swam for a few dressed, ate at a crappy restaurant (note to self...go elsewhere to eat!), trick or treated, participated in the bedtime story...
Then got a great nights sleep!!
And you know what....I didnt take ONE PICTURE of the actual waterpark part....of the girls having fun on the slides...of James hanging out with them in the wave pool. Nada.
Shame, shame, shame.

But do you really need pictures to know how much fun they had?? I mean it's a waterpark, it was a blast.
Of course, I stepped out early on Saturday to shop put Jax down for a nap. But thats neither here nor there. Ü


Anonymous said...

Love Jaxson's picture and the one of the girls on the bunk bed.

Jennifer said...

awesome! that sounds like so much fun.. but of course FREE fun is much better hehe :)