Sunday, October 24, 2010

Hold for a moment as I offer up a big ***sigh*** of relief.

Keeping holding....

Oh man oh man oh man....this is that time of year...Primary Program time. The Primary Program, for those not in the know, is when the children in our church get the...err....opportunity to use the whole main meeting time to teach the congregation what they've learned that year.  We, the Primary presidency, write up a program, usually around July/August...then in September thru October we practice, practice, practice. Every child is given a part to say...and we sing songs...lots of songs!

This year, I came up with a format to where the kids wrote their own parts. I'd give them questions like "Who is Jesus Christ?" or "When I serve my neighbors, I serve Heavenly Father. How can I serve my neighbors?"
My favorite was: "How do you serve your family?" and one little girl answers: I serve my family by serving them food and picking up around the house. Silly. But um, yes, very true.

Every year is a challenge...this one was no different. Children are children...they don't like to sit still, some don't like to say things into a microphone, let along in front of a crowd....some like to say things all silly and irreverent....some memorize their parts per-fect-ly, holy canoli. You just never know.
But if it wasn't a challenge, it wouldn't be worth it. I'm so grateful for my calling at church, for the...err...OPPORTUNITY {cause it really is, no seriously it is!} to serve these children. They are truly angels, even the one who won't quit banging his feet on the ground because it makes a loud sound andhegetsintroubleandwontlistenwhenitellhimtostoporwhenisendhimtohisparents. Ahem.


Now....a few months rest and I'll start planning the one for next year!
Next years theme: I know the scriptures are true. So cool!!


Anonymous said...

I thought it turned out awesome. I was glad to see the girls actually sing.

Krista said...

The primary presidencies are angels! Everyone appreciates what you guys do! I'm sure it turned out amazing. I'm still waiting for a pic of the shrinky things:)

Jennifer said...

you are awesome :) I bet it went so great!