Friday, October 29, 2010

Passing it down....

I love,
OH! I do this because my momma does this....yada yada.
One of the things that was passed to me by my mom is my craftiness. Now, she'll probably deny it...but she really is a craft genius...the woman can make anything. When she was in high school, Grandma bragged that she could sew her own clothes! That would be awesome, wouldn't it?? I wish I could make skirts! {But I've been blessed with this lovely pear-shaped-uber-body and it's just better to wear sweats.}

Where was I?

Oh yes...traditions.

If I was to think of all the lovely things in my life I would want to pass onto my lovely daughters...
tie dying would be like 15th, maybe 17th on the list. Not at the top...buuut....still on there.
You know I love my tie-dye.
Well, a few weeks ago, at Achievement Days {yes, I've added yet another thing to my plate...whoops}, we held it at my house so we could tie-dye on the tile. It's amazing how excited the older girls got to dye their own shirts. And Bella and Aube...when they found out, yes, I would let them do it too...oh my was like I let them eat birthday cake for breakfast or something...the best. thing. ever. Ü
The girls all did awesome. I'm so proud!!


Anonymous said...

Breakfast is the only meal they consistently eat.

How long do you think that our Thanksgiving tradition of Texas de Brazil will last? Till we have to start paying for the kids?

Simply Sarah *K* said...

Heck yeah...even longer than that! If I never have to cook a turkey, I'll be a happy woman!

Emily said...

I love it!! :)
I want to pass tie dye down to my children too! Then our children can tie dye together! :)

MommaLove said...

I'll cook the turkey if you will come....... (you know that I love to cook as much as you do, LOL)