Tuesday, November 2, 2010

It's Tball Time!

We  signed the girls up for the Rec Center's Tball league after the basketball season was over...some of the families that were in basketball with us all signed up for the same Tball team...
So, they are all kinda pals...well...the boys are pals...and they haven't found out girls have cooties yet, so they cheer for Bella, too! haha.
 Their first game snuck up on us fast...so I didnt get a chance to get them any cute baseball pants....they kinda looked like ragamuffins...but whatever...still cute!
I love that this Rec Center gets the actual colors for the shirts and good quality hats! Stuff they'll actually be able to use for awhile...
 It was fun being the Rangers there for awhile during the World Series...we aren't big baseball fans...but  watching Tball is a blast!!!
 Their first game was a rain-out-ish....the ground stays quite wet for days after the rain...so they played in the rec center.
 Since this was only the 2nd time that she had even played the game of Tball...Aube didnt quite get it and would hit the ball, then run after it to get it...then run to 3rd or run back to the bench. LOL....so the coach had to show her where to go when she got to each base, little sweetie. It's hilarious, tho...watching her hit the ball then run after it...cracks me up!
 I've been trying to teach them how to chatter...haha. Hey-batter-batter-batter....but I remember getting in trouble by my coach (errr...my dad) for doing that...not sports-man-like conduct...but heckuva lot of fun!
The season is way short...we have two games this week....two games and a practice next week....and maybe the week after....then its over. They started it late, so the weather is gonna get a little too chilly here soon. Ü We Texans can't take the cold!!


Jennifer said...

OH my goodness! YOu are such a good momma to put them in sports! I know I loved the sports we were in as little kids! :) Good times and memories :) And I can only imagine Aube chasing the ball how cute! Of course you'd have to giggle a little.. Some things are just too cute to not laugh at :) And Bella is so cute with her hands on her knees! :)

Jenny said...

Sarah, what the HECK! I just realized your blog has moved and that's why I haven't seen you updated in a jillion years. Phew!