Friday, December 10, 2010

{Eight Months}

So much for blogging on Monday ;). Oh well...what's new.
Getting ready for a trip is such a pain...esp when you have to take Christmas WITH you. Eek.

Little dude turned 8 months old on Monday!
It's amazing how fast time flies...and how much a little one can learn.
He's learning how to be a little Houdini...getting out of those jammies.
And he's learning that even with a room full of toys....sometimes a box or a set of hangers is just so much more fun to play with!
He's learning to a waterfall. The kid always has a wet shirt....I've made a bunch of bibs for just this situation!
He's also learned that he loves oranges. He had them for the first time when visiting Grammy's house last month with daddy. Yum, yum....even chews on the rind.
He's learning not to pull on cords....well....he's learning that there are cords everywhere...and mommy and daddy freak out when he pulls on them. Mommy and daddy thought they baby-proofed....but if there is ONE THING not proofed....Jax finds it,  you betcha.
Jax has learned that this is a step DOWN...just one step, not too steep...but steep enough to knock your noggin on. I tried teaching him how to go down backwards...haha...maybe when he's 2 he'll catch on. So, instead, we invested in a gate. {Side note: I hate gates. End of story.}
He's been standing for awhile now...maybe a month? He's learned that toys are more fun when your standing next to them, lol. Just the right height!
He's learning to maneuver the fireplace...aka Aube's dollhouse ledge. She's usually happy to share her princesses and he is usually happy to slobber all over them and then some...
We think he's going to be walking by 10 months. He's just go, go,'s hilarious.
And FINALLY, FI.NA.LLY.....we are getting some teefers in. The two bottoms at the same time, poor guy. Add a cold on top of that, and breathing is a bit difficult.

Happy 8 months, little dude! We ♥ ya!


Jenni said...

He is so cute and looks so happy.