Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Happiest Place on Earth....

....is a lot to live up to, don't you think? I mean, if I baked a cake and called it "The best cake on earth" I would probably disappoint a lot of people, wouldn't I? Ü

There is a website: http://www.toursdepartingdaily.com/ that is SO COOL. They somehow take multiple pictures and then merge them all together to make spectacular images such as:

And it's even cooler cause we're GOING THERE. To.Day.
(well...after driving 1209 miles)
I'd like to take a moment and thank my husband.

I just love him. I love his excitement for this trip.
He's like a kid in a candy store....and if you know my James you know he gets REAL excited about his candy! I'm so thankful he has worked so hard to make this experience happen for us. He's planned and shopped for the best deals, he's gotten us a fabulous room to stay in at a discount, he's made sure we know where to go and when, and he's made appointments and reservations and the whole she-bang.
I just love the dude...and I'm sure we're gonna have the best time!


Jenni said...

Yea! Drive safely and make wonderful memories for your family.