Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Back to our regular scheduled blogging....

errr...well, as regular as you're gonna get from me!! :)

As soon as my other computer decides to cooperate, I'm gonna get some pictures posted. Until'll have to deal with me lamenting about how much crap a family can fit into one van and how hard it is to unpack said crap giving you some of the highlights of our trip:

Highlight #1: We got to go to DISNEYLAND! It was fun...rainy, rainy, rainy...but fun. I was in full mood-swing mode, but what can you expect?? Toting around 3 wet, hungry, happy-with-a-side-of-whiney kids, having all our cool plans cancelled and not getting to see a parade will make Sarah a moody lady. Especially when it's on her birthday. Ick. I've had enough of rain for one lifetime, thankyouverymuch. But it was a ton of fun....a ton. Some parts of the day were just better than others...can't wait to post pictures!

Highlight #2: We got to see MY PARENTS! Ok, so it had only been EIGHT months since I had last seen them....and 10 months since I had seen my siblings, that's not THAT long, right!? Well it is to me...if I had my way, I'd live next door to my dear, sweet mommy. I love her so (and you, too, dad). We had a blast. The rain followed us (of course...thats a whole 'nother story called: The Black Cloud Vacation), and gave us a brief snowing one night...but we had a dry, sunshine-y Christmas that was perfect!

Highlight #3: My kids are great travellers....we decided that yes, Aube is one small kid, packed full of sass...and that she's just like that. If we had been at home, the amount of sass would have been just the same. But aside from that and a wailing Jax when he's got a dirty bum (I think I'd wail too if I had to sit in my poop for more than 30 seconds) they did fantastic. Of course, we've been grooming them since they were young-ish....15 hour drives to Minnesota will do that to you.

And Highlight #4: When we got home at 2am this morning....Bella RUNS into the house, when she finally realized where we were thru the haze of sleep.....and when I walk in right after her, she points at the Christmas tree, still decorated with red and white pipe-cleaner candy canes and YELLS at me: Mommy! Santa didn't change them into REAL CANDYCANES (raaaawrrrr....she takes after her momma).
And she is now convinced Santa will show up (travel all the way from his vacation spot in Bermuda, I'm sure) and change what he forgot AND eat the over-decorated cookie he also forgot to eat on Christmas.
Yikes...don't quite know what to do in this situation...where I have definitely OVER-lied myself. But it was quite the highlight ;). A nice little giggle to end a ginormous vacation.

Now....back to sitting here, browsing websites, trying to find a new rug ....errr....unpacking.


Jenni said...

Welcome home and good to have you back.