Saturday, January 1, 2011

Farewell 2010....'ve been one heckuva year....I'm hoping 2011 will blow you out of the water, but of course, that won't take much, since you kinda stunk!!
Actually....2010 is kind of hazy....maybe it's the whole 3 kids brain just doesn't have room to retain all the wonderful memories....haha. OK, it wasn't THAT bad...all I have to do it look at my kiddos, at my baby boy's never-ending smile and woosh all the bad memories float away.

It looks like everyone in blogland is doing an 'end of year questionaire' of sorts....errr....I mean everyone, have you seen these babies? Whats up with that? Have we really run that much out of steam??

Uh, yes. We have.


So here is one from ME! A mish-mash, of sorts.

What is the best thing that happened to you in 2010?
I just have to say that being pregnant and having Jax was probably the best thing that happened this year. It was a good (tiring) pregnancy and I was so infinitely happy when I held him for the first time, it was the biggest peak this year. I say 'biggest' because there has been several other smaller peaks....can I remember them right now? Not so much....may have to do "best of 2010" and look thru my blog....thank goodness for the blog keeping track! Cause I sure can't!

What was the worst thing that happened in 2010?
The death of my beloved grandfather takes the cake for this question. Seriously devastating....unexpected, WHAM! out of know I could go on and on with the dramatic adjectives. I'll have to stick with devastating for the moment though, since the after-shock of his death is still being felt....the devastation rippling thru our extended family, uncovering and showing true colors. It's ridiculous the things that have happened, are still happening and the things that have been said. Here's hoping for open hearts and minds in the coming year!

What are your hopes for 2011?
I can only hope for MORE. I know this sounds a little selfish...but yes....MORE. More love, more hope, more fun, more study, more truth, more letting go of the ugly and letting in the light, more acceptance, more time, more moments. MORE.

So, I toast you (sparking apple cider in my BEST Coca-Cola glass, of course) as this new year starts. And wish you the BEST. Let's keep the glass half FULL and say: 2011 is going to be Heaven. Ü


Jennifer said...

Couldn't agree with you more on everything (but replace Jax for Creighton :) for me).. Thank you for saying this too! :) I love you sis!

Krista said...

I would have to agree too! Just with Aiden and my Grandma! Happy New Year!! :)

Danielle said...

best coca-cola glass... are there any that aren't the best?

we need to hang out lady. you're pretty cool!!!

happy new year! glad you made it back safe and sound.