Saturday, January 1, 2011

The Trip: Our way there....

I should get started on this trip...I took over 400 pictures! I couldn't possibly post them all...but of course, once I went thru and edited and deleted...we were down to maybe 200 Ü...lots of moving children in those photos!

We left at 3pm-ish Tuesday afternoon from home....drove the 10hrs to El Paso and stayed the night there...checked in at a lovely 1am at our hotel....where Jaxson woke up a little too much and didn't want to go back to bed till 4am! {pat Jax on the back, ladies and gents...he's a real show stopper} We woke up at 7am, maybe 8 {it's all a haze}...and traveled on thru New Mexico and Arizona....stopping in Tucson to get some IN 'N OUT! It was a toss up....In 'n Out or Del Taco {the two things we miss here in Texas} so we got both! BOTH!
OH my...I wish we would have had another burger during our trip....but I'm thankful we got to eat that delicious meal once.
The girls weren't fans....they kept whining for chicken nuggets....sorry, Charlie. What is WRONG with you people?!
There was a moment where I thought we were in heaven....just a moment, when they ALL slept at the same time. It was glorious. For a moment. Then I tried to catch a snooze....and no go. Always seems to happen that way.
BUT no screaming, wailing, gnashing of teeth. Just a whine here and there. We've been grooming our children to be good travellers, as I've said before...hopefully they stay this way because we plan on taking many, MANY more trips....we may have to invest in a suburban tho! Having a van to travel in was bliss...but since I pack 3x more than needed, we were still smooshed in there.
As we drove into the sunset {literally}...getting into California and our hotel a little later than anticipated....we were SO excited for our 4 days at Disneyland {little did we know, eh....}. Purdy, tho...ain't it?


Krista said...

In n Out is the BEST!! Even Makenna loves it! She calls it a salad burger because it has lettuce on it:)

Bell Family Blog said...

I admire you for making that drive with three kids, I don't think our girls would handle that very well or us. Im excited to see all your pictures!

MommaLove said...

Beautiful sky!! Was that in Texas?

Anonymous said...

I think we were in California already when that picture was taken. We were on the last leg of the drive out there. Somewhere west of Phoenix.