Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Trip: Beginning of the first day

I must let you know...I capitalize The Trip for a reason. Anything that is as much as a doozie as The Trip should be rightly capitalized for effect. Got it? Ü

The first day we were there was probably the best day. We used our early passes and got to the gates at 7am. It was so fun to be the first ones in the park! And there was some SUN out! We packed in a ton of rides before our breakfast with the princesses, which we were SO glad we did...since this first day was the only time we saw the sun for the entire trip!
I've been to Disneyland a whoppin' 3 times in my life {as compared to James...who went once a year as a child.....nice, huh?} So when I do go, one of my favorite things to do is to MARVEL at the scenery around me....they have gone to such great lengths to make the park beautiful and marvelous and special...oh my. And to be there at Christmastime is just that much more special. That's probably the worst part about it raining so much....our heads were hunched down and covered by umbrella's or ponchos....I couldn't just walk around in wonder and awe!
It was quite fitting that our first character sighting was Mickey Mouse himself. Bella was quite excited....Aube not so sure....the reason she's not in the picture.
And then Mickey said hello to Jax.....he sat there with him for like 5 minutes....just staring at each other. Mickey would lean down and rub his nose on Jax's smile or anything from Jax...he would only stare! It was hilariously perfect. We got lots of  "awww's" from the crowd around us.
I wish I could blow this picture up to 10x its me it radiates excitement. I can feel the vibration even now! (look! no rain!)
If you haven't noticed by now....we are all wearing the same shirt. I'm not sure why (blame the rain, folks, I do for everything!) but I didn't get a picture of us in any of our shirts....which is a crying shame because I worked dang hard on those things! I had a shirt for each one of us for every. single. day.
On the first day, it was our quote shirts. James was the bad guy from Princess and the Frog and said: Are you ready? Mine was the fairy godmother and said: Now where is that wand? Bella's was Cinderella and said: A dream is a wish your heart makes, Aubree's was Snow White and said: I'm wishing. And Jax's was Mike from Monsters Inc and said: Do you have any odorant?
(to do these particular shirts, I used heat transfer idea I got from A Bushel and a Peck. I used the same technique she did...and they turned out pretty good except I ironed them on quite right, since by the end of the day the vinyl was coming off in some parts....I blame the rain ;))

Bella wanted to go on Materhorn SO. BAD. Every time we'd pass the monstrosity and it's 45 minute wait....she would beg and plead. Daddy finally took her on the last day we were there....and Aube was more of a fan than Bella, whose only comment was that she thought it was fast!
Aube and I riding our first ride, Dumbo.

If you ask the girls what their favorite ride was....they are sure to tell you: It's a Small World. How can you not love that ride, tho? Even Jax was captivated!


Krista said...

Oh My Goodness!!! That is so cute with Jax and Mickey Mouse!! That is so awesome that you guys got to do an earlier pass. There is noone there!! The only thing that would have made it better is if you would have caught a parade that day. Oh and LOVE YOUR SHIRTS!! I will say this again...I wish I lived by you. I would be at your house all the time learning from your awesomeness:)

Bell Family Blog said...

So fun! What a great picture of Jax and Mickey!! I can't wait to be able to take our girls there one day! Love the shirts Sarah, you're so creative!

Lois Brown said...

love the pics! How much fun you must have had! Love especially the pics of micky!

Anonymous said...

I think Jax liked Dumbo the best out of everything. You should have started this sooner. You're leaving a bunch out! Like our room, having Grammy and Papa and Topher with us, going on the Nemo ride, Snow White, Mr. Toad (Bella still talks about not being able to go on it again)...