Monday, January 3, 2011

Still Day One: The Princess Post

I'm proud to say my daughters love Disney Princesses. They are little girls...they just can't help themselves! At first, when they were younger, I did my best to try and keep the commercial-ism of princesses out of the picture and I still don't buy them clothes with princess faces all over them...but I love that they love the princesses and we've watched {and will watch} their movies a gillion x1 times....and you just can't stop that kind of love and adoration!

For one of the girls gifts, we bought them autograph books....and I'm so excited to print all these off and put them with the autographs! I'm thinking of framing a few, too, for their room!
Of most of these pictures, Aube looks like she could care less....but the little booger LOVED the attention her fave princesses gave to her!
{On my rainy birthday...I wanted SO BADLY to go to the "French Quarter" and eat soup out of bread bowls and eat beignets and listen to Tiana sing....I just ♥'d the movie Princess and the Frog....but rained.}
This is Ariel at the Princess Court {or some-such thing}....and she was super sweet....when we told her we were on our way to Ariel's Grotto to eat breakfast with her, said in her super-sweet voice "Oh, that's wonderful...I'll meet you there!" And sure enough...she was waiting there for us. Across the park and in California Adventure. Man she was fast! Ü Gotta love it.
The Breakfast with the Princesses was expensive fun. The girls got crowns to decorate...and the parents got food to eat...lots of food!
It looks like James has a shell on his head. Ha!
All Aube wanted was...BACON!
And in this she paying attention to Sleeping Beauty talking to her...uh no...SHE. WANTS. BACON.
{Seriously...that's she's totally screaming "BACON" in this picture....thanks kid.}
One of the favorites.

I had a friend that wanted to be a professional Cinderella at Disneyland...this isn't her....but it would be kind of a cool job. They all have REALLY straight teeth and methinks that might be a requirement for the job??
Um, yeah...Princesses rock. Ü


Lois Brown said...

love that they got to meet all the princeses! Did they have a Rapunzel yet???

Kristy Pool said...

It looks like so much fun! Can't wait til we go! BTW, thanks for sending me that website, that will help a lot!

Cheree said...

What a fun vacation!!!