Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Hmmm...I've forgotten where we were!

The problem with posting about a vacation over several days....you forget. Or at least, I forget. But that's not saying much. I forget everything!
But this is STILL Saturday...the 18th of December!

After the girls got all princess-ified, the rain was coming down pretty hard...so daddy bought them special poncho's and the ladies at the salon gave them plastic hair protectors! It was such a shame that their pretty dresses had to be covered up all day!
We spent the majority of that day at all the indoor stuff we could over at California Adventure. We saw show after show and rode a bunch of indoor rides. One of the shows we saw was the new Aladdin show. It was  a musical and just fabulous!

One of the places we spent the majority of  our time was in a building that housed the Sorcerer's Workshop, Animation Academy and my personal fave....Turtle Talk with Crush. I am STILL trying to figure out how they work that! Crush talks to the group...yeah, thats cool....but he actually looks out into the audience and calls on people. A CARTOON....says: Hey, little mermaid in the pink polka dot shirt, whats your name. (Little girl answers Ashley), Crush says: What's your question, Atlantic Ashley? And then the little girl asks her question, which Crush answers. And its immediate... no pause to gather info for him to talk back...its like he's actually talking! I was seriously amazed (even if I had to sit between some creepy dude and his mom....who made odd converstation). Probably a little too amazed! ha!

And of course, lots of pictures with characters!

Maybe James will remember the name of this part....but the girls were quite fascinated with the fireplace from Beauty and the Beast! They also had little stations in this area, where you could answer questions and it would tell you  what character you were most like....and yes...I AM the wicked stepmother from Cinderella. Very fitting. Aube's was too! Holy moly, James and I were rolling on the floor laughing (really, we were) because Aube's character was the mean chick from Emperor's New Groove....and part of the description said: constantly hungry (for power, but that's not the funny part). And if you've ever been around our Aube...you know that she IS constantly hungry. 15 minutes after she eats breakfast, she is asking when snacktime is. Hilarious.....ok, maybe only to her parents...but really, it was!
James got to spend some time Saturday with his siblings that came for the day. Kari drove in with her son Kaleb, and we got to meet Bryan's Alexis for the first time.
We were able to ride the new Toy Story ride at California adventure...after a 45 min wait! But it was totally worth it! If we weren't on our way to dinner afterwards, I would have stood in line again for it! Dinner was fabulous that night....we wished we would have known....we ate again at Ariels Grotto, and had some sort of yummy tri-tip beef. Oh man, it was good!

The rain kept up, and it was all down hill after dinner. We had a reserved spot to watch the World of Color...which we needed to get to a bit early. Poor Aube just wailed the whole time we waited. I don't blame her....well....I don't blame her, but she still ticked me off, ahem....it was wet, cold, and we didn't bring the stroller that day, so there was no where to sit except on a wet blanket, that was just getting wetter!
So...needless to say, this picture portrays Aube's mood for the evening very well.
And I hate to play favorites....but thank goodness for Bella's smiling face. She had her bad times, too...but she's so much easier to handle than the screaming banshee!
Yikes! only one day left of Disneyland posts....then onto Utah and Christmas! Another downside to posting about one of our vacations....they are usually long, I usually take way too many pictures...aaaaaand, I'm now going to have to play catch up on "real life" blogging!


Krista said...

Where did you find all the characters??? All we saw were Jesse and Woody and Mickey when we first got there! We must have been in the wrong places:) The girls looked adorable even in their ponchos! Poor Aube!! I was tired and grumpy at the end of the night too!

Colton Anne said...

SO fun!! I'm glad that you are posting all about your vacation...I love to hear about your girls...and it just makes me SO wish you guys lived closer to us! I'd love for our four girls to play with each other!! :) Aww...maybe someday!!