Tuesday, January 18, 2011

And finally....the last day

We all wore our tie dye Mickey shirts for the last day! Picture perfect in Laker colors (woot!). And rainboots! It felt so good to be prepared!
Can you tell they are all worn out and tired?
OH! And notice...Aube's hair...pulled back?! Seriously!? That girl NEVER wanted me to do her hair....then after the boutique experience and the lady pulling her hair back...she became a super-freak about her hair! It's totally insane the way that girl is insane about her hair! That's all I hear all day "My hair is craaaazyyyyy."
I digress....
We planned on spending half of Sunday at Disneyland...we ended up not getting out of there till 2, but thats the way we roll.
We rode Mr Toads Wild ride...per Bella's request. The Carousel....and a few others. Getting properly drenched, like every other day....but not really caring because we knew it was the last day! :( It's that point in any vacation where you wonder where the time has gone and you couldn't possibly just spent THREE days at Disneyland!

After we rode some rides as a family, we split up....I shopped with Jax...and James took the girls on some of the bigger rides one more time. Bella finally got to ride the Materhorn.

The end.