Sunday, January 23, 2011

Cedar City or bust!

We arrived in Cedar City late Sunday night...late late...getting through the torrential downpour in Cali was horrible!

Monday...we let the kids play, did some laundry, unpacked...went and saw Narnia ;).
Monday night, Mom and her helpers made cookies. We were supposed to give them out as gifts when we went caroling later in the week...buuuut....all those sweet cookies somehow disappeared. Hmmm, how did that happen?
This is probably my most favorite picture. Ever.
Jaxson got lots of lovin' while we were visiting....
We had a few sweet treats that night.....along with yummy sugar cookies we got some snow!! I know, I know...its Cedar...there should have been plenty of snow....but after Monday, it stayed in the mountains!
Another sweet treat was a dinner game my youngest sister, Hannah, had us play on Tuesday night. It was a Murder Mystery....dun, dun, duuuuuun.
There was no mystery that James is a doofus....and not a mystery that my sister put together a fun game for us....with props! Look...there's a dead dude by the Christmas tree ;). haha.
Our family is growing by leaps and bounds...and since there were so many in town (except Jen...sad!) we actually had a KIDS TABLE! Woohoo! Grampa was a good sport and kept the kiddos laughing (and eating).
It was so nice to be there with everyone! (except Jen....double sad)
I just love my family!