Tuesday, January 25, 2011

So...I'm running out of blog post titles.

Not that any of the ones before were insanely witty....I'll need to start coming up with some random quotes or something. Since I know your bored. Ü
When will this vacation end!!!!

Ha. Haha.


Ok...so this is us....in our tshirts that I made, loved, LOVED...but never got a picture of us all together in. I worked DANG hard on these...so thanks mom for the suggestion!
This was Wednesday...for personal history reasons Ü, the 22nd.
My mom took us all to a bounce house place...this room, filled with like 7 different bounce houses. The kids had a blast....and even some of the adults!
Aube became obsessed with her hair on this trip, as I talked about earlier. And discovered a fold-up brush at Gramma's house (or in Emilys purse?? If so...we owe you one! haha). The girl would go and jump, slide, run...then run back over to the table to brush her hair back into place. I think I heard "My hair is crazy!" one too many times on this trip!!

They had this one bounce house that had a pair of boxing gloves in it....Bella and Daddy went head to head....(and I couldn't get the next pictures to upload...but Bella won! TKO!)
And last but not least....Some of my favorite ladies....obviously Jen isn't here (we missed you!)....but I just don't have words to express how much I love these women in my life! Its amazing to look back on all the years we've had together....all the fun memories as sisters and as friends. And like we ALWAYS say...one day!! One day we will be neighbors, our kids will grow up together, we'll have Sunday dinners together again. I'm glad we're all so young (yes, I'm including my 30yr old self in that comment!)!! Lots more time left to spend together!


Bell Family Blog said...

Oh my goodness Sarah those shirts are to die for! The boys are my favorite so dang cute! Your family is lucky to have such a crafty Momma :) Those boxing glove are HUGE, so fun! Give your girls hugs for me, I felt so bad that I didn't think about it on Sunday at Church.

Jenni said...

You should take them to pump it up here in town. It is like that and it is way fun!

Colton Anne said...

I finally changed your blog address on my blog and found you again!! :) I was sitting here catching up on blogs and realized I hadn't seen a recent one from you and I knew it wasn't because you hadn't posted in a while...it was my fault!
Way cute shirts by the way...if I was only as talented/crafty as you!! :)

Simply Sarah *K* said...

Yeah, I think I lost alot of readers that way!! I tried to let everyone know...but maybe I should post again on that blog, :S.