Wednesday, January 26, 2011

There's Snowbody like You.

Or...Snowone had more fun than they did! Or....Snow me the money!
Err....something like that...

In order to do some dad took us all (minus mom, Jax and I....cause we are wimps Jax needed a nap) up the mountain....well, halfway up the mountain, since the road was closed further up.
The found a nice, partially wooded spot....and had some fun!
Emily and Bella.
Hannah had the fun task of taking Aube on a sled down a few times....until Aube decided to freak out about snow on her boots. But this picture proves that she DID have fun....look at that face!
Bella and Bubba (my youngest and only brother) are about a year and a half apart. They are the best of friends....and the worst of friends.They miss each other terribly and  fight like siblings when they are together. BUT they do love each other so that's all that matters.
James looks like a vampire.
But isn't it the cutest picture??
One of the many cool things about my dad....he thinks outside the box.
They brought us back a present from the afternoon in the mountains....
A Snowman!
Bella, Emily and Bubba (and me) had a blast decorating the frosty fellow.
Dad joined in....making holes for the eyes, mouth and arms with a chisel.
We never named the cute fella...but he stuck around for the rest of the week! We proudly displayed the only snowman on the block for the entire week!!


Jenny said...

ARRRGGGHH! I am unbelieveably jealous. That looks like so much fun!

Jenni said...

One time (about ten years ago) when we actually got a decent amount of snow here (three or four inches) I took the girls to the park and we went sledding (sliding down a hill on a plastic garbage can lid). It was fine until Ash crashed (bumped) into a huge tree (small branch) and almost broke her leg (scratched it and got a knot and bruise that lasted a week).

Simply Sarah *K* said...

And these are the days of our lives....haha...Jenni...your little story there cracked me up!!