Thursday, January 27, 2011

Just a few pictures I ♥ from Christmas Eve.

Someone stuck this hat on him and he kept it on for quite awhile, crazy boy. He was just crawling around, giggling his little behind off.
 We were making him you want the camera lady...or the funny man. The funny man WINS!  But only by 2 points....I think he had food in his pocket.
 We had the traditional Christmas Eve dinner....well....maybe not traditional, I kinda feel that way any time I eat ham. Ü Just feels traditional.
My daddy cracks me up...he's always a....ham.
 Jax is always fascinated by facial hair....he likes to poke and prod at it....and stare.
I'm so grateful for a Grampa who adores his grandkiddos.....he'll get down and play, never minding when he gets put at the kids table, and always ready with a 'stubble kiss'. you couldn't tell...I love to brag on my family. I have a very talented family, so my bragging is not for naught....or however that saying goes....or doesn't go.
My sister Laura and I took piano lessons for years....she practiced (I didn't) and is fabulous, even taught herself how to play the organ. The next one down, Jen, is a fabulous flute player....I wish I knew how to play like her! Then there is Emily....who has taught herself how to play the piano, the bassoon, the guitar and the saxaphone. Goodness gracious. And last, but not least, Hannah....she's a youngin' and following in the musical footsteps of Em, with a side of dance. She put on a fabulous show for us on the last night we were in town!
Anyways....a little off track there....follow the yellow brick bragging road, whydontcha.
But knowing how musically inclined my family is...I love seeing pictures like this. I love being THAT family...the one who spends a lot of time around the piano...playing or singing or even banging (thanks Jax), Especially with all the beautiful songs during the Christmas season. Bella's favorite this year was Angels we have heard on High. She would sing it everywhere! Hopefully I can teach her more piano this year....or find her a better teacher!


Krista said...

I LOVE those pics of Jax!! So freaking adorable!!