Friday, January 28, 2011

It's Christmas Eve!

Not really....please tell me you know that ;). I know its been a long week.
Oh dear goodness....if I could just get this trip blogged, I would be happy, I tell ya! I've even been a good girl and blogged every day for awhile, haven't I?? Did we really do THIS MUCH?! And don't you dare say it....don't! I know I take a lot of pictures...but you can ask my computer (cause she knows all)...I've scaled down A LOT. I used to take pictures of everything. EVERY. THING.
Now....just every other thing. ♥

My family's Christmas Eve tradition goes a little like this:
We have a "program"....we sing, we eat, we read....Daddy reads the Christmas story.
This year....we went caroling. The whole fam damily.
It was awesome (and only a teeeeensy bit embarassing). I'm so glad we were able to share that experience together....and that we all made it home alive. Cedar City has HILLS, I tell ya. Hills!

We also take pictures/video of the kids putting up the stockings. We've been doing this forever.
(Insert embarassing picture of Sarah as a teenager here, complete with perm and blue glasses)
Can you believe this was Jax's first Christmas? I feel like he's been with us for ages...I guess he has, if you think about it, right?!

Haha....their stockings spell "JAB". Score one for the parents! We got you with the acronyms, chillens! Anyways...
I actually want you to ignore the stockings....look away....I had GRAND PLANS for stockings this year. I was going to make them and all that. And I really did try. But after making 2 of them backwards....yes, I really did....I gave up and we used the fuzzy ones from last year. Bleh. This year Is. The. Year. I'm gonna make stockings (insert James' hysterical laughing here). My mom set a precedent that I'm trying to live up to. She cross-stitched mine and a few sisters....then appliqued the rest! I get my mad skillz from her, dontchaknow.
We set out cookies and milk for Santa, with a side of carrots for the reindeer.
Then it was off to bed....
Night night. ♥