Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Good Ole Christmas Morn....

It is officially over a MONTH since all of this happened....and my memory is quite bloggy-foggy.
{oooo...I think me's just made up a news words}
Quit complainin' lady and git on wit it.

Christmas morning.
Lots of presents under the tree.
Lots of fun together.
Unwrapping in no particular order (which is SO not like us).
Bella was ecstatic to get a letter from Santa!!
The kiddos got one big-ish present from Santa, and the rest was the little stuff (the crap that mommy finds on the floor, in between the seats on the couch...ya know...). We tried to make this a "smaller Christmas" because of the whole spending-4-days-at-Disneyland dealio. Buuuut....we always end up spending too much on them....we just can't help it! Kids toys are so much fun!!
Aube finally got her Sight Words DVD....seriously....I love DVD's that teach my kids things I never knew existed! (Sight words?! Whodathunk.... but duh)
Emily was quite the center of attention with the the little men's. They loved their little stuffed animals!
Jax was a pro at shoving all the loose paper in his mouth opening presents on his first Christmas.
And big Daddy John made us all his world famous Christmas tree pancakes. Yum!  Bella sat and watched while he did....learning the tricks of the trade.
 I loved that we were able to share in the Christmas spirit and fun with my family this year. It's been 3 years too long!! It's the upside and downside to being married....having to split up holidays, wanting to be with everyone at the same time! Christmas 2011 we are staying home (as of now) which is always fun...yet kind of depressing, too, not having a big support system around to celebrate with! But we'll make it fun all the same!