Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Say www-What?!

Which is exactly what I said when James showed me how his parents packaged our Christmas gift this year!
Every  year they out-do themselves in finding a different, never-before-seen way to give us gifts. I know they get great pleasure in coming up with this stuff! Last year....it was 50 ones in a booklet. Yes, that's right FIFTY ONES in a booklet. They found the glue you would use to bind a tear-away paper pad (thats the best way I can describe it :S). Which meant, in order to use it I had to tear. each. dollar. off the pad. lol. Hilarious.
Really, it was genius.

This year....well.
Just as genius.

They put our gift money into balloons.
Filled with confetti.
Good thing we weren't at THEIR house, huh? lol.
So, we took the balloons outside on Christmas morning and....
                                                                   POPPED THEM!!
What {cold} fun!!
It looks like James farted glitter.
 And then with the aftermath of glitter....we played! lol. Ran around throwing them on our snowman and each other.
 Thanks for the entertainment {and moolah} Grammy and Papa!