Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The beginning of the end.

We drove home by way of Las Vegas....we had every intention of not stopping in Vegas, but the weather kept us from taking the back "scenic route" thru the mountains from Cedar. And also because of the weather, we weren't able to go and visit my Gram's during the week, so we wanted to make sure to stop by and see her.

Which we did....and a big thanks to Las Vegas for having great big blue skies and wonderful weather for us to bask in. We had a lovely visit with my Grams....I was very nervous about this, to tell the truth. This side of the family has had a rough time this past year, to say the least. Grams lost her sweetheart a year ago now, and it seems like the road has been all downhill since then. But....I was nervous because I live so far away and hadn't had the opportunity to visit with my Grams since the funeral. I had heard several things about her deteriorating condition, her failing memory and just didn't know what to expect. I also didn't want to overwhelm her with my brood {yes, I have a BROOD now...}
But it was lovely. I shouldn't have worried so.
I had James and the brood wait outside her room, so I could go in first.
And her face lit right up. I couldn't keep my tears at bay...I've missed my Grams!!
We spent a little over an hour there with her, talking about Texas, the girls, the new little dude...she asked a few questions several times...but it was easy enough to re-answer them and move on with the conversation. I enjoyed her getting to re-know my girls again, and to meet Jaxson Merlin for the first time.
I have never wished so much to be back in Las be able to visit that beautiful lady more often!
I didn't get a picture tho....Grams is funny about getting her picture taken. If only she knew how pretty she IS! {and always has been....} After she turned down my request for a picture....she was getting all bashful and I took her by her sweet little hands and said "YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL".
She looked at me and asked: Really? You think so?
Of course. You're my Grams.

So here is another beautiful thing....well, it is to me. I always like seeing Lake Mead as you pass thru Boulder City to cross Hoover Dam. It's like an the ugly dirt. ♥
 And then we had to drive, and drive, and drive again. Poor Jax....he did SO WELL, I'm still baffled. We kept him amused with the little things taking off his socks and putting them on his hands. Haha....lasted maybe 10 minutes, but what can you do?!
 We drove from Cedar City to Albuquerque that first day of the trip back was a loverly 10 hours or so. Because we spent extra time with my Grams, we didn't get to our hotel as early as we wanted {James booked us a fabulous hotel....complete with indoor swimming}. But that's ok....I wouldn't take that time back!
The next morning....we woke up to cloudy skies {actually, it was mildly sunny...the window was just heckudirty} and hot air balloons!
 So James and the girls and the little dude swam after breakfast.
And then we headed to our next destination.....HOME! :)


Krista said...

Ahhhh Sarah!! That is such a sweet post!! You made me tear up because you made me think of my Grandma!! I'm so glad you got to see her!!
Loved your other posts too....from James pooping glitter to little man shoving paper in his mouth (that is exactly what Aiden did;) Looks like you had a blast!

Jenny said...

Holy COW that baby boy looks just like you. Sorry, James---Jax is Momma's boy.