Thursday, February 3, 2011

Sight seeing....

On our last day of the trip....we took some time to sight see.
We stopped at a place I call The Cadillac Ranch
{Don't know if that's the official name. But its a country song. Oh wait! It is called that.}
My dad showed me this place over 10 years ago....when he was bringing me home from college.
Good times.
It's a row of Cadillacs....buried in the ground.
Crazy, huh?

I think its neat that I got to show this to the next generation....and hopefully they will see these pictures and want to take THEIR kids {or we'll stop there again when they are moody teenagers and they'll have rose-colored memories of road trips with mom and dad....THEN they'll want to take their kids there ♥}
Next up....Texas is so full of rinky-dink stuff to see! You've all heard of "eat a 72oz steak and you get it free" right?! {if you haven' need to get out  more} Well, we stopped and ate there for dinner in Amarillo. We obviously didn't get the ginormous steak....thats too much for us to handle! But we got to see a guy try....and the littlier steaks we ate weren't too shabby, either!

He looks so happy....probably because he DIDN"T gorge himself on steak ;) haha.
7 hours-ish later we were home! We hit some nasty rain on the way there, too....slowed the progress down. It's always nice to come home to your own bed!

We're not planning to travel again until July...thank goodness.
The kids did SO much better than expected, the little rockstars.
I'm so thankful that we were able to take this long, extravagant, busy, rainy, family-filled, lovely trip! So many memories to cherish!! And Aube {over a month later} has finally stopped asking for "Grandma with the brown hair". I wish we didn't have to travel so far to see family! sigh
One day.