Friday, February 4, 2011


We've been having some wicked weather here in good ole Texas this week. It started with Monday night...when it rained buckets...then turned into sleet....then it all FROZE. Leaving us all in a perfect sheet of ice...topped with a bit of snow.
Not a big deal for all y'all northern states, I know....
you've been laughing at us all week.
But its a ginormously big deal for us. We, who do not own ice scrapers. Or snow shovels. Or heavy coats. Or snowboots....the list goes on and on.
We are good in the hot and humid....we've got a pool! But give us snow and ice, and we get cranky!

Well....they closed school (and James' work) Tuesday because of the ice.
And Wednesday.
And Thursday.
And Friday (which deserves a post all in its own...because we got a good 5-8 inches of snow....which was only supposed to be ONE inch, thankyouverymuchstupidmeteriologist....I think he was trying to be optimistic since there are gillions of people here for the Superbowl).
The girls begged to go outside and play in the "snow" I let them, being the good mother I am...I sent them out in what they were wearing at first....skirts. haha. Whoops. That lasted about 2 slip-and-falls....then they were back in for warmer duds. They never seem to believe me when I tell them its cold outside!
So...they changed into pants...and played for another 4.5 minutes...then came right back in. Its not really a ton of fun to play
Throwing ice chunks at each other just isnt as fun as snowballs!
What the crap is this, mom?!
I dunno what got into me....but I was feeling very inspired Tuesday....maybe it was being stuck indoors all day. There is just something about being STUCK inside that makes a person (or littler persons) crazy. It's not like I've never left the house for a WHOLE day before....sheesh.
So, I got it into my head to make FONDUE for dinner. It seemed so FUN.
So, I did. Using the recipe for October Dinner Fondue on
I suggest you try it....cause it was delish.
We cut up some baked chicken, polska kielbasa and broccoli. When we do it again, we're definitely adding steak too!
It wasn't just was FUN. I wish I could come up with FUN dinners every night!


Danielle said...

i love the dinner idea - cute, cute!!!

Jenni said...

How come everyone's job but mine was closed.

Julie {isCocoandCocoa} said...

Dinner looks yummy! We, obviously, don't have snow shoes either. So the twins wore some of Josh's old combat boots!