Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Friday Snow Day

I guess I should hurryitup and get this blogged....especially since its supposed to happen AGAIN.
{But shhhh...don't tell, I'm looking forward to another snow (lazy) day. I KNOW, crazy, huh?}

We woke up to a heckuva lotta snow on Friday morning. The meteorologist said "eh, maybe an inch" but we got at least 3 or 5. I dunno. THEY are the experts. ahem.
This is a first glance....the paw prints. James was convinced the 15 cats that hang out around our house would be frozen in this weather. They proved him wrong, didn't they?
Whenever the weather gets like this....Bella asks if the pool is "ice" enough for us to skate on. Not yet, sweets....
We took the girls out to play in the snow a bit....Daddy had fun chasing the girls around, pelting them with snowballs. They tried to retaliate...but Daddy just knows how to throw faster and farther!

Bella tried to make a snowman...to no avail. Unfortunately, the snow was very fine and didn't want to stick together. You see the circle, tho? She tried her durndest to roll that snow into a big enough ball!
I find myself romaticizing snow...I love to look at pure, untouched snow. It's quite the beautiful site!
And then go traipsing thru it....in my nifty rainboots {we don't own snowboots in TX...even tho after the past two years, we seem to snow supplies!}. These are actually the rainboots James bought me in California for our Disneyland fiasco. They've come in handy lately....I don't know how I've lasted 4 years in Texas without rainboots! I actually wore them the whole week! Even to my Stake meetings on Saturday {with a skirt....got lots of compliments, thankyouverymuch, even tho my friend who picked me up said "you're brave" haha.}
Our awesome neighbor across the street hooked up some "sleds" to his Bobcat and was giving rides around the neighborhood.
This totally reminds me of growing up in Sikeston and when it would snow, my dad would hook up the "sleds" {usually trash can tops} to the back of the Vista {or Aerostar} and take us for rides around the church parking lot!
They had so much fun!


Jenni said...

I liked *looking* at all the pretty snow Friday morning but didn't like (another) day of treacherous driving.
I bought rain boots last summer and they have come in so handy for these snowy / icy days.

Jenny said...

DANGIT DANGIT DANGIT I am so jealous!! That looks amazing. Why won't it snow here??

(oh, and I am seriously loving those rain boots)