Thursday, February 10, 2011

Friends are like bras: close to your heart and there for support.

In December, when we travelled to UT, the weather was crap and I missed an opportunity to see one of my most favorite people, Katie. So, the wheels started a-turning....and I remember having a conversation with her about our too-close-to-holidays-birthdays and really wanted to make this year special for her. So, I got busy texting...seeing if our friends, Andrea and Shelley would want to chip in on a plane ticket to get her to Texas for a visit. After a little bit of help from Katie's hubby, she was set!

We wanted this to be the ultimate Girls we got busy planning and scheduling sitters. And after picking her up from the airport on Thursday was ON!
We spent all day Friday together....
eating a yummy lunch, visiting the craft store and then we got started on a crafty blanket.
Friday night we had a special dinner at Macaroni Grill....
Then headed to Shelley's house to play the Ultimate Scene-it Twilight game....and have....yes....a Slumber Party! A good ole, girls only, slumber party....we even toyed with the idea of going toilet papering... Ü (we didn't...too cold out there! And visions of being arrested played thru our heads). But we did stay up ALL night...which in hindsight, probably wasn't the best idea...we need our sleep!
We played the Twilight game for a good 2 hours....and then (after spending an hour trying to figure out how to hook it up) played Rock Band. (Yes, I'm wearing a New Moon shirt....what?)
Yes...we are Rock Stars (after finally figuring out we needed to PLUG IN the game...haha).
Oh....and the fabric scraps all over the floor? Yeah...that's the blanket we were working on...and kept working on till 530 in the morning.
After sleeping for maybe 3 hours....we were all up and ready to start our Saturday. We started off with a movie (Country and lunch at Studio movie grill...mmmm, coconut chicken....then some shopping...then some hanging out. Then some SLEEPING.
It was the funnest girls weekend I've ever had, I think! I'm grateful that my husband took over the kids and let me just have FUN. I'm doubly grateful for these girls....especially Miss Katie. I'm so happy she was able to move back to Utah to be closer to family, there isn't anything better than that....but she definitely left a giant hole here in Texas....she's truly the sweetest person I've ever met....I'm so glad we were able to be friends! And I'm forever indebted to her for helping me SO much during my pregnancy with Jax....she watched Bella and Aube for every doctors appointment I had! It took so much stress of my shoulders to know I could count on her! ♥
Love ya, Katie-girl!!


Bell Family Blog said...

Guess I can't blame the hormones anymore, or maybe I can, but this made me cry. You're so sweet Sarah, thank you for just being so Awesome!!! That was the BEST trip and I hope I can get out there every year or we could all meet up somewhere for a girls weekend. :) Such fun memories, Im a lucky girl! Love you!

Jenni said...

What a great friend you are!

Julie {isCocoandCocoa} said...

The title of this post cracks me up! What a good friend you are.