Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Day Dos.

Trying to keep up!
Our second day at Sea World was the "wet day". We rode a few little roller coasters and saw a show, then the girls and James went to the waterpark they have there.

If you know me, you know I hate roller coasters....haha. I just can't handle them. They make me sick. Seems I have passed this lovely trait onto my Bella. She used to LOVE them like her daddy...but now she's gotten a bit timid and scared. So now it's Aube who LOVES coasters, like her daddy.
I really do hope at least one of my children likes them....James needs a coaster-buddy!
This was an itty-bitty coaster, too...I still couldn't put my hands up!! Oh well. It was fun, tho...I'm laughing at myself b/c I was so nervous!
This is just a random photograph I took...of a turtle...on an ALIGATORS BACK. Why does this seem weird to me?! It kind of seems like the gator should be chomping on the turtle...not chilling. I should make a print off this picture.....put "Make new friends" at the bottom. Ü
We were able to catch a Believe show that morning....I am so fascinated by Shamu! In another life, I would have loved to be a taking-care-of-killer-whales person, or whatever such thing they are called ;). To have a connection and be able to train such a ginormous, beautiful animal....would just be too cool!

After the show, we grabbed a bite to eat....roasted corn, oh yum!
I ♥ these kiddos!

While James took the girls to the waterpark...I took Jax back to the hotel for a snooze. The night we arrived in San Antonio, I made a pit stop at the local Joanns...which was conveniently located RIGHT across the street, how nice! I picked up a few things to craft...since I knew I would have some down time and I like to keep my hands busy {heaven forbid, I take a nap!}. So, they played and I crafted....actually, I wrapped jute around a letter K....and watched Kingdom of Heaven. Fun stuff. Aren't I odd that I'd rather be doing that than going down a waterslide?! haha.

We made it back over to the park in time for dinner....and caught the last sea lion show.
I ♥ family vacations!


Bell Family Blog said...

Cute pictures! I love that one of the turtle on the alligators back, that's so cool! What a fun trip!!