Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sea World! Day one.

For Spring Break this year, we decided to take a little vacay.
Usually...we go visit family for vacation. I can't remember the last time we just went somewhere, the five of us. It was a fun, fun time...
James booked us a great one-room suite, complete with microwave and full-size fridge. We are learning as we go, travelling as much as we do, that we will happily pay extra for conveniences...such as a separate room to sleep in {so James and I can relax into the night and watch some tv}. We are even getting so particular that since we forgot our fan at home, we ran to the nearest Walmart to buy one.
{I wish I had gotten a picture of it...that fan was a doozie! and loud!}
A fan is a must in a hotel room! It blocks out SO much noise.

Anyways...our trip took us down to San Antonio, to visit Sea World and some other sites.
It was a 'measly' 5 hour car trip Ü.
Which seemed easy-peasy in comparison to our 16 hour trip 2 weeks before!

When we first got to Sea World, James checked the girls height to see what rides they could ride! Turned out they only rode one or two rides because of the GINORMOUS lines {note to self, dont go to a theme park on Spring Break week!}

But te one reason I love Sea World is because of the SHOWS! :) This is my cool family, decked out in their shades....the weather was perfect! Overcast in the morning, with the sun showing her lovely face in the afternoon. {I made James buy a pair of aviator sunglass, woohoo}
Every chance we got....we sat in the SPLASH ZONE!! But amazingly....we never got splashed! boo!!
And every chance Jax got, he tried to escape.....
The last show we saw on the first night was called Azul....and it was absolutely beautiful. Dolphins and acrobats and divers diving from high neat!
I am always amazed at how these animals can be trained! I get teary-eyed watching them!
We were vamooshed after our long first day...the kiddos were all zonked the minute they got into the car!


Jenni said...

Derek and I went to Sea World for our honeymoon since I was determined to do something immediately after getting married and our cruise wasn't for several more months. We had a blast.

Julie {isCocoandCocoa} said...

We went to Sea World right before Josh deployed and we loved it! We didn't do a lot of the rides either, but we watched lots of shows. They are so much fun!