Friday, March 11, 2011

Medieval Times

A few weeks ago, we came across a "deal" for Medieval Times here in Dallas.
So, we packed Jaxson off to a friend {he wouldn't have survived the night! they dont even have high chairs!} And headed off for an adventure!
The girls had a blast {& so did the parents...its so fun to make-believe with your chirrens}, even if Bella did keep her hood up the whole time. That girl has a serious noise phobia. If she thinks there will be ANY kind of loud noises, she takes precautions!
Our knight was the Yellow and Red knight! We had front row seats to the action.
Thank goodness, too...since every single screaming teenage girl in the metroplex was sitting in the row behind us. Those girls were insanely loud!
I interpret this look on James' face as "I just love my girls". No sarcasm {which is the usual around here}. No goofy face. Just plain love.
Or he's constipated. I can't tell sometimes.
Our knight was very kind and both Bella and Aubree had a flower thrown to them!
Afterwards, we took a picture with our knight {we called him "Ginger" all night} Ü
First of all...ummm, I should have been in the picture, not James.
AND...seriously, James did not leave those lipstick marks on Ginger's face!
And thirdly....Aube is so freaked out in this picture.
Don't worry sweetie....Ginger isn't going to run off with you! mwhahahaha.
Look! We're on a a castle!


Jenni said...

I've never been to Medieval Times here but we took Ash to one like in FL when we lived there and it was awesome.
Glad y'all had so much fun.

Lois Brown said...

I've always wanted to go there. How fun! great pics!