Thursday, February 24, 2011


You don't even know how ecstatic I am to see these beauties popping up!
 Seriously....I don't have a green thumb...we've figured that out thus far...what with the ripping up of all the foliage around my house...etc. etc. I have more of a purple thumb....with glitter. Lots and lots of glitter. Green...well, no thanks. Err...I mean YES PLEASE. I want to be able grow and sustain life in my yard....its just muy difficulto.

BUT! I may be onto something! I actually followed the directions {gasp...*queue James falling out of his chair} on the package of bulbs last year and planted them when they were supposed to be planted! This is my second attempt...I planted a few 2 years ago...but never saw them again. I think the stinkin' squirrels got to them...but this time....I dug deep and covered them with ROCKS!

And how cute! They pushed the rocks away and up they come. I seriously got teary eyed when I got all up-close-and-personal with these little babies...."awww....thank you for growing!!"

They are either: Tulips....or Iris....or....this other bulb I planted, can't remember the name {of course}. But I bought 3 different ones...each that were supposed to bloom at a different time, 1st, 2nd 3rd.
 And they aren't the only things growing! I dont know what these are either...I think they might be the Iris? Or onions, lol. ├ť I thought they died in the Snowstorm of 2011....but they surprised me by surviving! I can't wait to see how they bloom!


Jenni said...

Yea for signs of Spring and proof that you can grow things!