Tuesday, May 31, 2011


This past Friday was Aubree's dance recital. The second one she's been in and her last with the dance studio we've been with since Bella was 3! But she will be moving over to the new dance studio with Bella, and adding a tumbling class....we're so excited! But we will miss Ms Stephanie with all our hearts!
Aube looked absolutely adorable and was SUCH a good example to the other dancer's in her class. She had a bit of stage fright the day of....and I told her she was the oldest in her class, so she had to be strong and remember the steps, so the other girls would follow her example!

Ms Stephanie holds the dress rehearsal the night before the actual recital. It's so good for the little ones....they go out on stage, get to see the lights and check out the big ole stage.

I love the setup of the Uptown Theater, where they've held recitals for the last 2 years. It feels so professional and fun! It's hard to keep those little feet still when they are waiting to perform....lots of "shushing" going on!
Aube was very patient between numbers....as long as I kept the crackers and water coming ;).
Adorable! I can't say it enough!

Aube has this little friend, Sarah.....her mom and I swear they are twins! They are the bestest of friends and it's easier to have them playing together at one of our houses, then to have one just by themselves! Sarah and her family came to watch Aube perform. She was so happy to see them!


MommaLove said...

Holy Cow!! she is just BEAUTIFUL!!!!! Wowsers.