Tuesday, May 31, 2011

{Dancing Queen}

Bella's dance recital with her new dance studio, Innovative Dance Inc., was this past Saturday. It was a whole day affair! Dress rehearsal in the morning, lunch, then a short nap, then back to the auditorium for the show! Their group was so excited to perform. I love this age...when they have the confidence they need to remember the steps and get out on the stage and {SMILE}. So fun!
While we were waiting for their turn before dress rehearsal began....the girls started "practicing" their routine. No encouragement from moms needed....
"Castle on a Cloud" was their Ballet number.
They were the perfect ballerinas!

Look at that cute little toothless girl!
I'm so proud of her and the progress she has made.
I just HAD to post this picture....the karate-chop ballerina in the back....yes ma'am!
Their Tap number was called "Mom, I'm a big girl now".
Little sassy girls!

Bella's teacher is Ms Meghan. She is so much fun! And....a professional ballerina. We were priveleged enough to see her perform a pointe solo at the recital. So neat!

When we needed to switch dance studios, my friend Shannon suggested the studio her daughter was going to. Natalie is on their competition team, so she and Bella haven't had any classes together yet. But we are so glad to have found a new place to dance, even tho we will miss Miss Stephanie dearly {can you tell I'm having a hard time letting go??}.

Ahhhh....mommy can rest, now that the recitals are over! At least for the month of July!!


Jenny said...

Bella looks SO BEAUTIFUL! My favorite one of her is with the karate kicking ballerina in back---but Bella looks so pretty.

MommaLove said...

Oh my Bella is getting so grown up!! Honey you are just so pretty, Grammy misses you!