Sunday, May 15, 2011

Field Trip!

At the end of April, Bella and her fellow kindergartners were able to take their 2nd field trip of the year. The first being to a local Nature Center. I wasn't able to go on the first one, so I was excited to help her teacher on the trip to the Ft Worth Zoo!

We weren't the only class there....
it was packed! And this is only ONE line of school buses....
It took awhile (go figure) to get the tickets bought and get INTO the Zoo. So the first thing we did, was find a shady spot to eat lunch. Bella has about 16 kids in her class.
This spring/summer the Ft Worth Zoo has various displays of life-size and life-like dinosaurs that once roamed Texas.
The kids were in awe of the T-Rex....he even "rawr"ed! {Just like Jax Ü}
I ♥ her.

Following the leader, the leader, the leader....following the leader, wherever they may go!
It helped so much to have them all in green shirts!
We visited as many things as we could in the few hours we were there. I loved seeing how happy they all were to be out of the class room and seeing all the animals!
So glad I wasn't on THAT bus ride home! Yikes!
Kinder teachers are saints, I tell ya!
Bella got so lucky having Ms Handley as her teacher this year. I'm sure it will be a shock going into 1st grade....not all teachers are so nice!
We are so thankful for all you do, Ms Handley!!!


Bell Family Blog said...

Aw Mrs. Handley she is the BEST! We love her! I went on the Nature Center field trip and you didn't miss much lol! Our 2nd field trip we got rained out, glad to hear yours went well. :) Bella looks so cute, she has such a pretty smile. That's awesome that she only has 16 kids in her class, I think Emma had like 24. Mrs. Handley prepares them so well for 1st grade, she taught 1st grade for years before going to Kindergarten so she knows exactly what they need to know. Miss you guys!!