Monday, May 9, 2011

Dinner time is not my favorite time of day.....

it's like all the stress accumulates over the course of the day and then BAM! It's dinner time and I have to cook a meal, my kids are crazy, the house is a mess, the husband is stuck in traffic...
So lately we've been doing a lot of grill cooking {and I say "we" as in the husband doing the cooking}...hamburgers, hotdogs, chicken, steak, pork. You name it...we grill it!

And corn.
Lots and lots of corn on the cob. We recently learned how to cook it in the husk and it is oh so yummy.
It's really my I kind of over-do it {with EVERY meal Ü}.
But Jax is a fan too.
The night I took this picture, he was shoving his corn into his mouth like this. And then once he figured out he was making us laugh .... he would shove it in there, then blow and pop it out....
then do it all over again, silly boy.
 I just have to say....Aubree is a chatterbox. She was being extra chatty on this night and kept on going after I snapped this picture.
Yap yap yap.


Jen B. said...

I was reading this in bed and had to put my head in the pillow TWICE.. I couldn't help but laugh so hard! Haha. Jax is hilarious!! Love the picture.. and Aube.. I think mom would say she's a lot like me as a little one.. never shutting up (she brings that up often haha) but so cute!! :)

Cheree said...

How are your kids growing so fast?!?! Is it the corn? :)

I LOVE roasted corn. Almost worth going to the Fair for. Not sure how the Fair does it differently (maybe the oil/butter?) :)

Jenny said...

ARRRRRGGGHHHH! I love that picture of Jax so much I can't stand it!