Saturday, May 7, 2011


This dance season, we switched Bella to a new dance studio. She has loved every minute of it.
Both her and Aube have recitals coming up at the end of the month, but Bella got to have one extra performance at Mayfest.
 I'm pretty sure Bella is the oldest in her class....since she will be moving up to Level 2 next year! But if not the oldest, then the tallest. They were all standing around waiting for the performances to start...and this picture made me laugh. She stands about a head taller than everyone else, except maybe one other girl.
 All the pretty girls, all in a row!
 Their Tap number is called: Mama, I'm a big kid now. It's too cute. I was so proud of Bella, she {halfway} remembered the steps. And she even smiled!
 One of the girls who has been with Ms Meghan for a few years did her pointe solo. It was so pretty! We missed seeing Ms Meghan perform at the end {had to feed the chirren}...she is Bella's teacher and is a classically trained ballerina.
 Their Ballet song was Castle on a Cloud. They did a really good job on this one, too....kinda lost the momentum towards the end, buuuuut we love them anyways! 

So proud of our Bella! She still remembers her first recital when she didn't dance the bumble bee dance....but she has come so far since then!!


Julie{isCocoandCocoa} said...

She looks so pretty! I'm glad that she is getting braver about performing, I know it's hard.

Jen B. said...

Good job Bella!! I am such a proud Aunt!! :) I'm glad she loves it! That's awesome!