Thursday, June 30, 2011

So behind!!!!

Man alive, I've neglected this blog! My apologies!
***I DID try and post this post 2 days ago...but then Jax toddled over and decided to push the pretty lit-up button....stinker....I gave up after that!****
Backing up to before school was out....
Our schools were in on Memorial was a make-up snow day. So that's when field day was held. The kinder classes got to have their fun in the morning {thank goodness....holy hotness}
They started their fun inside....playing a few relay races.

Then they moved outside....for even more fun!
There is one thing I can say about the kids in Bella's class....they truly loved her to pieces.

Bella, bless her little competitive heart, had a blast in the races....that girl loves to win and hates to lose...we're going to have to work on the "be a good sport" motto in the near future ;). All in good time.

The daddy's....being Memorial day, James had the day off (yay) so he was able to come and watch Bella participate in field day.

Probably the funniest game of the day....tug of war between Mrs Handley's class and Mrs Mangum's. The teachers even got into it!

.....and Mrs Mangum's won....booo!

Fail. Ha!

This is Scarlett....say hello to her. **HELLO** she's the sweetest thing. For serious.

They did a "who can kick their shoe the farthest" ummm....lame, much? But this is the one thing Bella did win. Go Bella!

Such a fun, fun day!

Now...more blogging to come! Woot! Gotta get back into this groove, yo!


Colton Anne said...

That looks like so much fun! And this last picture of the shoe throwing...that person's head at the bottom of the page looks like Andrew's head! Funny! He must have an unknown head twin in Texas!!