Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The cutting of the hair....

So...the other day, I put a tiiiiiiny ponytail in Jax's hair. I did it right before James got home from work, just to see if he would notice. ♥ Then....I put Jax's high chair with the back facing the door, so the first thing James would the ponytail. {or...mulletail, as rightly named by Aube}

And did he see it??
Oh yessireeee. Ü

He didn't say a word....just walked back into the bedroom, changed, grabbed the clippers and went to town! Yaya!
Poor Jax-man....
kinda looks like torture, yeah?
James obviously never went to hair school...and neither he, nor I, has ever cut boy-hair before!
As these pictures rightly describe:
So I told James that since he messed it up and had to go way short, he BETTER GIVE THAT BOY A MOHAWK, yo! Ha!

Please excuse the ragamuffin, messy face! But you can really tell the difference around the ears.{which seem to be migrating away from his head, an unfortunate trait passed down from daddy}
He looks like such a little man now! With his bald head.
And chunky bow'd legs.


Tirzah Diane said...

Those pictures of Jax hair in the ponytail cracked me up! from the back he looked like a girl but his new hair do is adorable :)

Bell Family Blog said...

Hahahaha that's hilarious! I love how you just placed him right in front of the door for James to see!! Love his mohawk, such a cutie!!

Cheree said...

I think James did a wonderful job!!! :)
Of course, he had a pretty darn cute canvas to begin with. :)

Jenni said...

Too funny, and the results are super cute.

MommaLove said...

I am cracking up... I can just see the whole thing in my mind as you describe it. James would not allow a ponytail on his boy for long-------- Hahahaha Jax looks so grown up with his new do. So very handsome, like his Daddy.

Krista said...

LOL!! That is hilarious! He's adorable!! He did look like he was being tortured! :)