Thursday, July 7, 2011


I meant for this to be a "before and after" hair hair looks the same in each pic. Oh well.
So, instead I will make it a "showing off the fact that I put Jax in bowties every Sunday" post Ü.
Gotta love a bow tie.
Our fourth of July get-up.
Can you blame me for dressing up my kids {matching} for holidays.
You should see what I made them wear on Pioneer day....woot.
I just love them.
Look at that smile on Aube...don'tcha want to just squish her??!!


Simple Traditions said...

Such a good looking family, Sarah!! P.S. I love your purple dress

MommaLove said...

YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!!!! I just love that shirt with the red, white and blue flowers on it. So cute---- bet you made it didn't you?? You are awesome. I can't wait until the end of July when I can personally squish you all!!

Krista said...

Oh yes...I totally want to squish her!! I LOVE your purple dress!!! Where oh where did you get it. You look fabulous!!

Colton Anne said...

So cute!! And I WANT BOW TIES NOW!! So cute!! :) But seriously, you guys are so cute! Can't wait to see you soon!

Bell Family Blog said...

Sarah you look so Beautiful!! Purple is definitely your color :) I LOVE your necklace, did you make it? And Bella's hair is getting so long and pretty with those curls, cute cute cute!!

Tirzah Diane said...

What a pretty family :)