Friday, July 15, 2011

'Twas a hot and sweaty morn.....

But we couldn't have asked for better company!
It's become quite the tradition {only 2 years in the making} to attend the Arlington 4th of July parade.
This year we were joined by our newest Texas residents Ü and our neighborhood friends, the Hawkins. And doughnuts. Lots and lots of Shipley's doughnuts.

The expression on Jax's face in this pictures says to me:
Lady....I'm busy with this delicious bit of heaven.
Did you all know that I had twins? two little girls were ever more perfect for each other.
When I first looked at this picture, I SERIOUSLY thought "which one is Aube?"

Hannah says:

A seriously cute pile of mess right there.
The only time I've ever wanted to lick the kids hands. Eeeeewyum.

This picture embodies the 4th for me.
Run little Cub scout, run!

Oh, Cowboy take me away....


Heck yeah, we're patriotic, yo!
And hightly disappointed that they didn't hand out flags this year!
But thanks for the newspaper flag.....
My little man....not to be confused with this little man.
I cannot believe how fast time flies!

My favorite float!
Speaking of floats...we've decided to have a family float next year. We had quite fun deciding what would be on the float, and who would be sitting where. And we would most definitely be throwing out candy! What's up with no candy being thrown!?

I ♥ the Elvis motorcyclists.
And all Jax wanted to do the whole time was...
run away.
Looking forward to next year!

{And maybe posting about this on I can remember all the witty things I wanted to say! ha!}


Julie{isCocoandCocoa} said...

The twins have decided that we are going to be in the parade next year, too!