Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I don't even want to tell you that I'm posting about the 4th!

It was SO long ago!
Oh well..
I can't NOT post these pictures, tho....
I mean...
Look at this chick.
We spent most of our 4th in the pool...since it was a-bajillion degrees outside.
James taught Bella how to snorkle.
The girl is seriously a fish.
We feel SO lucky to have gramma and grampa around.
My mom will probably shoot me when she see's I've posted this picture....but I love it, because the look on Aube's face is just pure joy. Some of my best memories are with my grandma. I'm so glad my kids are making those kinds of memories, too.
We also tried to teach Jax how to swim with floaties.
Um, yeah.
He's still a little young for that.
(Don't worry...he totally survived)
The boy just wants to jump outta your arms and SWIM, geez louise.
We also made smores.
Wish we had a firepit (one day...soon...when its not a-bajillion degrees out and you can actually do yardwork without melting)....but the defunct grill will do, too!
Bella's face says: what the hey,  mom?!

For the fireworks show, we went over to a ward members house.
They live on a hill overlooking the Lonestar Park, where they have a good fireworks show. There was someone playing patriotic songs on an accordian, accompanied by a trumpet. It was cheesy, yet oddly....for lack of a better word....neat.
Fun fun day...finally blogged.
Looking forward to next year!


Jenni said...

I didn't grow up with extended family and so I'm really glad that Ash can. She has about a bajillion grandparents by the time everyone split and remarried.

Your house looks like the place to be for the 4th.