Friday, August 12, 2011

For. The. Love.

Geez Louise, it shouldn't take this long.

But yet, it is.

So...where was I?
Oh yes.

We rented out the Events Center for the entire day on Wednesday. We needed a place to congregate, other than outside in the wicked humidity {and not wicked as in totally wicked, but as in bad}.
We planned a potluck for dinner, and it turned out to be a great success.
One of the many things we did that night:
Thumbprint family trees
Each family had a branch....and each person stamped their thumbprint in different shades of green....17 times. Letmesaythatagain....SEVENTEEN TIMES. I apologize. But we had to have one for each family, yes we did.
{even the family's who couldn't make it...I have one for you! I just need to send it...}
One of the things I loved about Wednesday was being able to spend so much time chatting and hanging out with family. Getting reaquainted with cousins and kids of cousins.
And I'm always so impressed with this side of my family. The kids of my aunts and uncles have all turned out just marvelous. They are truly awesome kids....they are helpful without being asked, especially those two...Ian and Mitchell. I remember when they were tiny tots...but no more! They are so courteous....and take out the trash without being asked! Can you imagine!?
When we were little, most of us lived in the same town...and we all lived in the same state. So we were constantly with each other, at Grandma and Grandpa's house....roller skating in the basement, playing hide and go seek. The bestest way to grow up.
So it was wonderful to get to know the newbies.
That's Lucy and her Great Aunt Kim {and Aunt Kim sure is grrrrreat!}
The only thing that stunk was that it was very loud.
Joseph tried to find a quiet spot to get Daniel to nap....
We had also planned a slideshow. Each family was to pick a few pictures to tell about the past few years of their lives. But it turned out we didn't have a projector, just a projector screen....and a TV, but no cables to connect the laptop to the TV. :\ Stink.
So we just let it run loops on the trusty laptop.
And there is no better sight than seeing your kids playing so well with your beloved cousin's kids. Having a slight twinge of nostalgia...wishing we could all be back playing at Grandma's again.
Oh man, this kid.
He was one dirty, fun-lovin' kid by the end of the night!


Danielle said...

That looks like so much fun!!! Love the thumbprints family tree deal. I miss going to my Grandma's house too. It was soooo fun!

Krista said...

Love the thumb print tree!! What an awesome idea!! And I swear Jax reminds me so much of Aiden. :)

Colton Anne said...

I'm seriously just loving your posts!! Please keep them coming! I know you have like 400 something pictures! :)