Friday, August 12, 2011

Minute to Win it: Kids edition

After dinner....and chatting...
we played MINUTE TO WIN IT.
Oh my....I've been wanting to play this in a big group setting for some time now. So, the reunion was the perfect opportunity.
I was able to get some help from my mom putting this together. Ok, ok, I lie....she did it all, cause she's awesome like that. And she did a fantastic job!
She set up two different types of games...ones for kids and ones for the adults {a whole 'nother post!}
My mom and John demonstrating "Baby Blockin'"
My mom had their complete attention....
well, except Jax....he was all like: "whatch'all doin' down here, yo?"
The kids games were easy to put at several different tables and just let them go from one to the other. We had actually done this at Cub Scout day camp back in June...pretty fun.
The kiddos getting a little help with "Breakfast Scramble"
Elizabeth and "A Bit Dicey"
One of the favorites of the evening....
Broomski Ball
I dunno if anyone quite made it in the trashcan, but they were all good sports!
And of course....
Mitchell and Mariah multitasking.
Attempting "Baby Blockin" and "A Bit Dicey"
Sterling attempting "Hangnails" and a partial "A Bit Dicey"
The kids were so entertained!
Next up!
Let's see how we kept the adults entertained!


Colton Anne said...

I'm missing the reunion more and more now...or I guess just the people! It was a lot of fun!!