Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Minute to Win It.....for the grown-ups.

....if you can call them that!
After giving the kids some time to finish up their games....
the grown-ups got a chance.
My mom, again, was in charge.
And I must applaud her....she did so well!
We split everyone up into 2 teams....
First game: "This Blows"
You have to keep blowing up a balloon and use the air to knock the cups off the table. Colton was first up for her team!
Then good ole Mitchell gave it a try for our team!
All of these games are so much harder than it looks!!
Next up..."Back  Flip"
The dudes we had compete in this one made it seem oh so easy!
Mike didn't drop one pencil!
And JT did an awesome job, especially since he only has one good eye {good job, Sarah, for getting everyone to pick him, d'oh!}
Next up....Hanky Panky.
This one is probably my all time favorite, I dunno why....I'm just glad I didn't have to do it!
Aube demonstrating how hard it is to blow up a balloon!!
She tried and tried...buuuut....mommy ended up having to help. Nothing like a balloon filled with your child's slime. Shiver.
There was a few extra boxes of tissues...so we had a "teen" round.
Go! Go! Go!
{we did save the tissues after...stuffed them all back in the box! I hope NBC does that ;)}
Jax was quite in his element....he could run around, with no hovering parent.
And he LOVED that balloon {yes, the same one mommy blew up for Aube}.
And his feet got oh-so-dirty.....and probably the rest of him, but thank goodness for dark shirts!
See what I mean?
Totally gross piggies.
Our next to last game was the Candy Elevator.Starting first with the teen round!
Yummy, yummy, Hannah....
Then the adults squared off for one intense round!
Katie and Kimberly did a fantastic job of keeping us on the edge of our seats!
But Katie came out the victor!
She loves her chocolate {totally a family trait}.
The last game was: Face the Cookie.

I don't have any "in action" pictures of this one....I think I was probably too busy laughing. But I did get video, I may have to post that one day. {or submit it to AFV and win some $$}
The competitors for this game: The siblings. {minus one, Aunt Kathy couldn't come}
One word: Hilarious.

Grandma and Grandpa raised some awesome children!
Thus ended our family potluck night. I do have to say, I think it was a success. And I don't think it could have been such a success without each person who came. We have such a wonderful family!


Shannon said...

So much fun! Y'all did such a great job!!!