Saturday, August 27, 2011

Historical Nauvoo.

One of my favorite parts {okay, they were ALL my favorite parts} of Nauvoo was getting to walk around the Historic part. Silly me thought these were all the original homes...until we were sitting in one and the lady started talking about how they dug up the foundation of that had been under some farmland. {it actually made me feel a bit better after I found that out....esp since most of these houses were in better condition than MY house, which is only 55 years old}

We only had a few hours to walk around before it was our turn to attend the temple.
So we made a few choice stops...and I took a few too many pictures.
One of the many missionaries serving in Nauvoo told us we should check out the Cheap Boot house. So we did. And it was VERY interesting. Did you know that when they made shoes....they would make them the same exact way for both arches! Could you imagine walking in those?! Yikes. Makes me grateful for my Nike's.
We also visited the Blacksmith Shop {a must-see}
I am constantly in awe of the pioneers....
I've also always wanted to be a pioneer....
And to think they put all their belongings, or some of their belongings and left their homes to follow the one of these. Truly amazing.
Inside...we were shown how a wagon was put together.
And he also made "prairie diamonds" for every one ;).
And of course, we went to the bricklayer's. I never realized how bricks were made! What a chore!
There is so, so, so much more to see in Nauvoo, and I'm hoping we get to go back in a few years.

But talk about walking away and being inspired. Our ancestors were truly incredible people.