Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Off to school we go!

This has been one hectic summer.
My family moved in, I helped plan a family reunion....the a/c went out a dozen times and it was the hottest summer I've ever been in. It just seemed like it was one thing after another. Lots of good things and lots of not-so-good things. But we take the good and take the bad, right?

So, I was VERY happy for Bella to start school.
I don't know if she had the best summer. She was constantly the third wheel with her sister and uncle. She really didn't have any friends who would invite her over to play, or that we could invite over with our house being so full. We did our best to take her on special dates, just mommy and her or just daddy and her. And she did get to swim everyday, the little fish.
Nothing horrible, just the little things that would give me that twinge of guilt.
But....now school is back! Yay! I hope she will always love going to school, I know that's not the case, but for now, I'm glad she loves it so.

Her official first day of first grade!
She's grown so much from last year.
Oh man, I wish Aube was going to Kinder this year.
She's nice and ready...but she'll be the oldest in class next year, and that's a good thing.
{I just wish the "why isn't she in school?" questions would stop
Yay for school!


Christina said...

Hooray for school! Your kids are so darned cute! I love catchin' up on your life via the blog/FB! Love yer guts!

Shannon said...

Aww man. I suck. We totally should have had Bella over. :( she just looks so darling. So grown up!